Map Services Comparison

The various mapping services available on the Web have different capabilities. This post explores some of the differences in what each of the three best-known services can – and cannot – do. The majority of the figures below do not come from official documentation but from my own experimentation.

Basic Maps Google Maps Bing Maps Mapquest
Max zoom level * 21 20 18
  * Zoom levels are converted to the equivalent Google Maps parameter for easier comparison
Has pure satellite view (no labels) No Yes Yes
Has aerial view (at an angle) No Yes No
Has live traffic data Yes* Yes Yes
Has typical traffic (day/time) Yes* No No
  * Google Maps traffic data only available in directions, or via direct URL encoding
Has street-level view available Extensive Limited No
Directions Google Maps Bing Maps Mapquest
Max stops (manually entered) 10 25 26
Max stops (coded via URL) 24 or 25* 15 25
  * My tests showed Google Maps would return a route for 25 stops, but the map itself never loaded
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