This is the blog of a guy who doesn’t like to blog. It’s a playtoy, essentially.


8 Responses to About

  1. Thank you for pulling all the parameters and breakdown examples. I spent 2 days trying to figure out and track down the url parameters and finally came across your blog! NICE JOB!!!! and again THANKS!!

  2. gonen says:


    thanks a lot – but I wish you can help on how to place my own label per point in the New GM and return the A,B,C back…

    The new GM is so bad, that I switched back to Bing and Mapquest…..

    pls see the post below – wish you can help


    Many thanks

    • mstickles says:

      gonen – You can place your own label on a point, and I’ll try to get that update in soon, but I haven’t found any way to put the A,B,C flags on the map. Sorry.

  3. gonen says:

    Thanks for reply… please send a sample http to place label per point …. I have no clue what is the syntax.

    Many thanks !!!!!

    • mstickles says:

      Ack. It turns out in my testing that sometimes it works, but often it doesn’t. I thought I’d figured out why, but that turned out to be wrong too. I’ll have to do more testing.

      Basically, in some cases you can replace the address or lat/lon in the directions section with a descriptive string in single quotes, and that string will be displayed in the detail box on the left. But Maps needs to know what that refers to, otherwise it will try to treat it as an address or place description, and sometimes even if it has enough info in the “/data=” section to know what location you meant, it ignores your label. I haven’t figured out what makes the difference yet.

      Yeah, my wife gave up on GM too and switched to MapQuest. I’m only still using it because I make a lot of use of Street View, and no one else has coverage anywhere close to Google’s.

      • gonen says:

        thanks !!!!!!

        I wait for your news…..

      • mstickles says:

        Sorry I took so long to reply. I still have not been able to figure out what is going on with this functionality, and finally gave up on it since I have too many other things making demands on my time. Wish I had better news for you.

  4. gonen says:

    Thanks. I am trying to work with BING,Here instead of GM. The new GM is really bad.
    Thanks for any news…..

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